February 2016

"Dr. Barbara Bartlik has been an excellent source of advice for me for a number of years. I find her to be extremely knowledgeable and compassionate and feel lucky to have found her."

- E.B. 

​May, 2015

"Dr. Bartlik changed my life. I was a nervous wreck before I met her and couldn't sleep, and as a result my relationships felll apart over and over again. Dr Bartlik did lab tests for vitamins and minerals and found out that I was deficient in magnesium, zinc, and certain amino acids. She replaced them and I was a different person and no longer needed so much psychiatric medication"

- M.L

September 2014

I was depressed since I was a teenager and had been antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications and medications for bipolar, and nothing got it right. Dr. Bartlik was the first doctor to check my thyroid thoroughly and she found that I was hypothyroid. After receiving thyroid medication, and nutritional supplements I was much better and was able to reduce my medications. 


October 2013

"I had erectile disorder (ED), and Viagra and other medications like it did not help me. They gave me headaches when I took dosages high enough to be effective. Dr. Bartlik started me on methylcobalamin (vitamin B12), magnesium and other supplements. The Viagra started working at low dosages that I could tolerate, and often I did not need to take it at all."


May 2011
"Dr. Bartlik is a brilliant psychiatrist who is empathetic with me. She has helped me through a variety of crises and also helped to relieve my anxiety disorder, by getting to the root of the matter."

July 2011
"Barbara, thank you for giving a wonderful talk entitled, “Practical Tips for Reclaiming Sexuality after Breast Cancer,” and for facilitating a group of breast cancer survivors at Montclair Breast Center.
You transformed feelings that are so terrifying and intimate, and, for many, shameful into something safe, healing and hopeful. The information was very useful to all of us, and I'm so grateful you agreed to come out to join our group."

Dale Bellisfield, RN, AHG 
Holistic Health, Clinical Herbalist 

June 2011
"Dr. Bartlik helped me through a series of personal crises, and for that I will always be grateful. She prescribed a combination of medication, vitamins, and therapy that together helped me through a very difficult time, and [helped me] achieve balance and acceptance. I feel my entire personal outlook is improved, and I am wiser for the experience. Dr. Bartlik is honest, fair, thoughtful, insightful, and discrete. I recommend her highly."

​Dr. Bartlik


"Dr. Barbara Bartlik, sex therapist and psychiatrist helped me, in her juicy, forthright manner, with ideas for heightening sexuality as we age." 

Jane Fonda, in the Acknowledgements section of her book  "Prime Time: Love, Health, Sex, Fitness, Friendship, Spirit, Making the Most of All of Your Life"